Jonathan Wong,

Chairman of Tung Ga Group

MBA at Concordia University USA and EMBA at Beijing University. Awarded with titles such as "China outstanding innovative entrepreneur", "Senior economist", and so on.

Under the management of Mr. Wong, Tung Ga has been named China Excellent Enterprise with Foreign investment, National Advanced Enterprise of Technical Innovation in Fibre Textile Industry, High-Technology Enterprise, amongst other recognitions in the industry.

Mr. Wong has always been acquiring the latest technology and industry trends, by converting technology into productivity, and to continuously innovate.

At Tung Ga, we pride ourselves in our top sales teams across the globe, including America, Italy, India, Spain, Hong Kong.

Innovation, Technology, and Sustainability are core of our enterprise. Our design team ensures the competitiveness and integrity of our products are consistently at the Tung Ga standards.

Stefano Cipriani,

Head of Design

Experience in textiles design and development since 1986,Mr. Cipirani owns several patents for innovative processes.

His expertise is in creating fabrics with top quality, value-added properties and great performance, whilst catering for trends and design.

Currently focusing on sustainability and projects with recycled materials, creating new thermoregulatory fibers that will impact the textile industry in the future.

Christy Wong,

Branding & Consultant

After spending years in the luxury industry, Ms. Wong has collaborated with more than 200 labels. She has created projects for companies including Lane Crawford, Joyce, Harvey Nichols, as well as spearheading the development of Louis Vuitton’s business in South Asia.

Founder of Tung Ga's own lifestyle label, Tungga Studios; currently in charge of branding, sustainability and social responsibility at the group.