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Tung Ga Linen & Cotton (Chang Zhou) Co.,Ltd is the solely-owned enterprise of HongKong Tung Ga Group in Chinese Mainland, which is located in Xinbei District Changzhou city in Jiangsu Province. The area of the whole company and building is 180 acreages and 50 thousand square meters respectively. The fixed assets are two- hundred million yuan. Tung Ga has around a thousand employees, which is one of the leading linen enterprises in China. Its export revenue greatly surpasses other enterprises of the same profession across China and regarded as a bright pearl in Yangtze River Economic Delta.
With the world topping technical equipments, and thousands of advanced spinning machines, such as the imported water spliced automatic winder, providing the capacity of 13,000 wet spindles, the company is heading its glorious weaving career with forward strategy. Over 200 weaving equipments, which include Swiss BENNINGER warping machines and Italian VAMATEX wide looms, make it capable for an annual production of over 2,000 tons of grey, semi-bleached and yarn dyed linen yarn, and more than 10 million meters of pure linen, linen/cotton, linen/rayon, linen/rayon/terylene and other kinds of blended fabric. The yarn is ranking from 3.5s to 30s (6nm~50nm). The fabric includes more than 100 famous and new varieties, for example greige, semi-bleached, yarn dyed, dyed, printing, jacquard, super wide fabric, home textile fabric, special functional fabric etc.. 80% of its main products are sold to Europe, American and south-east Asia, taking an unreplaceable position in world linen cloth market and home textile market.
Tung Ga is both strong in assets and technology. And 15% of the employees are professional technicians taking positions in Science & Research Dep., Manufacturing Dep., Testing Dep., and Trading Dep., etc. The efficient inner cooperation among these departments provides all around technology support and high quality guarantee. The products have got ITS testing certificate and its reliable and stable quality has gained good reputation among our clients all over the world.