Our Sustainability Vision

Tung Ga Group is the only enterprise in Greater China’s linen industry which is fully vertically integrated from fibre to fabric. We can control and promise:

Consistent Quality, Supply Stability, and Traceability.

We offer both pre and post consumer fibre recycling , utilizing advanced machinery engineered to maximize efficiencies and maintaining a high quality product output, positioning Tung Ga to be an integral part of a brand’s circular economy initiative.
We continuously think of new ways of creating sustainable fabrics, minimising wastage , as well as improving the durability and comfort of our fabrics. Thus ensuring the longevity of the final product.
We are committed to support best agricultural practices in our procurement and sourcing methods, focussing on soil health preservation, best water management, CO2 sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction. Our linen are solely sourced from European Flax certified farmers, and our Cotton fibre is 100% BCI.


As a vertically integrated weaver, we collect wastage from all processes and recycle them via our patented technology. Our “AGAIN” initiative also upcycles or donates any leftover products.

We continually optimise all our machinery and process efficiencies, as well as integrating the usage of state of the art renewable energy to focus on reducing energy usage, water usage, carbon emissions and chemical pollutions.
Our certifications and global standards