Design and functionality has always been our forte.

We bring it a step further, to put sustainability and wellbeing into the equation.

We constantly think of new ways to create sustainable fabrics which minimise wasteage, and thrive to improve durability and comfort of our fabrics, so the whole product cycle lasts longer for the consumers too.


We are one of 3 enterprises worldwide to own a multi-process machine, costing more than 10 times of regular machines.

Linen is a fibre that requires a lot of care in production, and this machine is the only one that enables us to create truly sustainable, low impact, and recycled linen.

As a vertically integrated enterprise, all our processes are traceable, which means all sustainability indices such as emissions or water usage can be audited.


Apart from improving sustainability on the production side, our sustainability projects are also in partnership with garment factories, brands, and consumers.

For education and collaboration on sustainable practices, as well as actual recycling of pieces which will otherwise have become waste, giving old things new life.

Our certifications and global standards