Innovation is one of our core values at Tung Ga.

As the official “Research Center for Flax enzymatic degumming and textile engineering”of Changzhou with our team of 65 technicians,
We are also collaborating with education institutions and other research bodies.
With our network of brands, clients, scientists and corporations, we constantly thrive to push the boundaries in China’s textiles industry.

We work on improving, creating, and analyzing new and existing products, also building our edge as a corporation for innovative product development.

Our research have acquired 29 patents and 26 High-tech product certificates:.


Our enterprise has been recognised for various aspects of our business, such as:

Technology, Research, and Development
Ethics and Integrity for manufacturing industry
Innovation in products and business
Leading enterprise with foreign investments And so on..

Our promise is for all our processes to be environmentally friendly, and for all staff to be treated fairly.
European Flax
Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System Certificate
Global Recycled Standard
Organic 100 Content Standard
Recycled 100 Claim Standard