Tung Ga Group is the only enterprise in Greater China’s linen industry which is truly and fully vertically integrated from fibre to fabric. Which means we can control and promise:
Consistent Quality, Supply Stability, and Sustainability.

We only use certified European Flax, then designed by our in-house team in Italy, created with our technicians and facilities which are leading in global standards.
Our flax is sourced from France, Belgium and the Netherlands. We ensure that our farms practice sustainable farming methods and are not using artificial irrigation or GMO.
After harvesting, fibres are extracted from the stalk of the flax plant. Tung Ga’s unique processes from fibres to yarns ensures top quality product, delivered consistently.

Our fibres are shipped to our factories in Changzhou, where they are spun into fabrics. We ensure that we comply with best practices and standards in employment, including International Labour Standards.
100% of the linen we use at Tung Ga are certified with European Flax, imported from Western Europe with Country of Origin certificates. All linen spinning, weaving, and finishing processes are done in our own Tung Ga mills situated in China.

All our linen flax promises no irrigation, no GMO, and no waste. All our cotton is certified with Better Cotton Initiative, which only uses farms with programmes on water efficiency, soil health, low impact on natural habitats, and harmful chemical control.

We partner with flax farmers in Europe to support the local economies and sustain the linen-making heritage. All of our spinning/weaving/finishing processes are in our facilities in China. We make sure every step of our processes comply with International Labour Standards.