As a vertically integrated enterprise, Tung Ga strives to be sustainable in every step of our manufacturing process.
We source our fibres, then designed by our in-house team in Italy, and spun into fabrics by our technicians and facilities which are leading in global standards.

All Tung Ga linen spinning and weaving processes are performed in our own mill in China, thereby providing transparency and traceability throughout the production chain.
100% of Tung Ga’s linen fibres are certified with European Flax, imported from Western Europe with Country of Origin certificates. 100% of Tung Ga’s cotton is Better Cotton Initiative sourced, with focus on supporting farms and their water efficiency, soil health, harmful chemical reduction, and social & ethical labour practice initiatives.

We partner with flax farmers in Europe to support the local economies and contribute to the longevity of the historical linen production for many generations to come. We are focused in ensuring the well-being and education of our mill workers and upholding the best principles of diversity and inclusion.
Our promise is for all our processes to be environmentally friendly, and for all staff to be treated fairly.
European Flax
Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System Certificate
Global Recycled Standard
Organic 100 Content Standard
Recycled 100 Claim Standard